Friday, May 09, 2008

Absent, but not dead!

In a rare moment of tranquility I'm able to jot down a note. Readers, if I have any left, are aware of unusually difficult gaining access to the internet without having my system hacked into oblivion. I think I may re-title this blog, "Shifting Sands Scheme." Actually, I rarely get to enjoy the beauty of an aesthetic language such as Scheme, with the exception of some fiddling around with guile, which, on a *nix box is kinda fun. Most of my effort these days is devoted to a vegetable garden, which is a contest between me and the local iguanas, which have a particular fondness for bright red tomatoes. They leave the green ones alone to fool me into believing that they aren't interested. But I now have a secure shelter in place as refuge for my simple garden, which is more than I can say for my internet connection. To any of the PLT crew who may happen upon these missive, does there exist an `OpenBSD' compatible Makefile for `mzscheme' and or `DrScheme'? That is, one that does not rely on `gmake'. A `FreeBSD' Makefile would also serve my purpose, and I have `gmake' for `FreeBSD'. I'm confined to using the available tools from the standard distributions that come out periodically, otherwise I could simply get the `gmake' port for 'OpenBSD'. If anyone has helpful hints, just leave a comment to this post, which, at some unknown future date and place I'll be able to read. Take care, and be safe on the internet. Talk to you again when an opportunity presents itself. --Kyle