Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello from the Florida Keys,

I'm Kyle Smith, your host on this blog. I've been otherwise occupied with life, and had left this blog dormant. I have recently returned to writing code in Racket, which is the language brought to you by the same folks that used to produce PLT Scheme. I'll be updating my list of websites, to purge any broken links, and update the PLT Scheme links with their corresponding Racket links. Racket retains languages the correspond with the various Scheme standards. I'm looking forward to updating some of my previous articles, so that the code in them runs correctly under #lang racket.

Recently, I wrote a Racket program to solve a class of puzzles played on a rectangular grid. It was fun writing and optimizing a good old fashion state space search program. Perhaps I'll write a future article, based on what I did. I've also been fooling around with applications best written as embedded software on a minimal hardware platform. I never heard of anyone embedding Racket, and in truth, it may simply be too big. However, there are a lot of Schemes out there. I'd like to use some flavor for the purpose of scripting the remote operation of a broadband amateur radio receiver. Well, whatever I choose for the task, I'll be sure keep you posted on my progress.

Best wishes,

Kyle Smith

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'd like to say that I've been distracted by my three year old son

To my valued readers, please excuse my lack of puplication. My energy has been devoted to my young son, and watching his mind expand in it's capacity for creative and abstract thought. It is truly a miracle I have had the pleasure of watching every day. The language Scheme pales in comparison to the expressivity of a young human mind as it begins it's exponential growth in the uniquely human venture of creating structure where none previously existed. The fantasy world of a young child only serves to remind those who have grown old how little we actually know for certain, since many adults have ceased to allow their minds to ponder the stuff of the eternaties. But, surprisingly, one need only spend but a little time devoted to reentering the world of a child, to experience the delight of living in a world entirely of your choosing. I highly recommend spending time with your children before their minds become taunted with the artificial boundaries placed on their thought process by our own effort to teach them how the world actually works, as if any of us actually had the capacity of thought to believe we actually knew. Stay safe, --kyle